Guirlande d'Honneur and Ànfora Ciutat de Barcelona 2010

WRESTLING, by Grimur Hakonarson (Iceland)

Special Jury Award

ONE GOAL, by Sergi Agustí (Catalonia)

Best Catalan Film

IMMERSIÓ, by Neus Ballús/El Kinògraf (Catalonia)

Best Spanish Production

ONE GOAL, by Sergi Agustí (Catalonia)

Best Production about the Olympic Games

WHY DO JAMAICANS RUN SO FAST? By Miquel Galofré - Nice Time Productions (Catalonia - Jamaica)

Best Documentary

ONE GOAL, by Sergi Agustí (Catalonia)

Best Film about Sports and Society

DROGBA EST MORT, by Eric Rivot and Moussa Diarrá, (Republic of Mali)

Best Winter Sports Film

DREAMSCAPE, by Pelle Hybbinette, (Sweden)

Best Outdoor Activities and Mountaineering Film

PSICOBLOK, by David Maeztu (Euskadi)

Best Feature-Film

IL SOFFIO DELL'ANIMA, by Victor Rimbaldi (Italy)

Best Short-Film

IL ARBITRO, by Paolo Zucca (Italy)

Best Animated Film

IMPECABLE, by Muyi Neira – Mago Audiovisual Production (Catalonia)

Best Story

'100 de neu – Cent anys d’esquí a Catalunya 1908 – 2008' - TV3 Catalan Television, Directed by Antoni del Real (Catalonia)

Spot 1st edition BCN Sports Film