Guirlande d'Honneur and Ànfora Ciutat de Barcelona 2013

PURA VIDA, Pablo Iraburu and Igor Otxoa, (Spain)

A FINE LINE, by Seb Montaz and Kilian Jornet, (France and Spain)

Special Jury Award

CAMÍ A ALASKA, by Gerard Molins, (Catalonia)

Best Catalan Film

PLAY by Manuel Herrero, (France)

Best Documentary

LES REBELLES DU FOOT, by Gill Perez and Gill Rof, (Bosnia, Brazil, France, Ivory Coast, Chile and Tunisia)

The best film about Sport and Solidarity

NEXT STOP GREENLAND, by Lara Izaguirre, (Basque Country)

The best Aventure production

BALANCE, by Mark Ram, (Netherlands)

Best Fiction

AQUADETTES, by Zackary Canepari and Drea Cooper - SLIM PICTURES (USA)

Best Short-Film

2013-BCN SPORTSFILM -Museu-Olimpic_Animacio-OBEN

OBEN, by Bah Thuierno, Pierre Ledain, David Martins and Noé Giuliani (France)

Best Animated Film

TOWN OF RUNNERS, by Jerry Rothwell, (United Kingdom)

Best Story

DREAM RACER, by Xavi Torres, Santi Padró, Bernat Miró and Jesús Muñoz, (Australia - Chile - Argentina)

FILMETS Badalona Film Festival Award for human and sporting values


PremiO BABEL TV for the best sports and integration film

Spot - 2nd editition SpotSport competition

Oriol Martínez and Enric Ribes

MAking off BCN Sports Film 2013