A warm welcome to the first day of the BCN Sports Film Festival

The first day of screenings of the BCN Sports Film Festival has had a very positive reception through two sessions: Bienvenue au Sport, at the Institut Français de Barcelona, and “Sport has no gender”, at the Centre Cívic Cotxeres de Sants.

In the afternoon, the Institut Français de Barcelona hosted the session “Bienvenue au sport”. A session reserved for French-language audiovisual productions in which a wide variety of short and feature films were screened.

In this session we had the pleasure of having a special guest, Patrice Forget, director of “Gaza, balle au pied”, who dedicated a few words to the festival. Fiction productions, such as “Stephanie” or “Les bailenes ne savent pas nager”; animation, such as “Yallah”, “Atlheticus 2” or “Itchy The Camel”; and documentaries, such as “Les Aigles The Carthage”, thrilled and entertained the audience.

Later, the last session of the day took place at the Centre Cívic Cotxeres de Sants at 19h with the session “Sport has no gender”. In this session, spectators were able to learn about the obstacles faced by some of the protagonists to overcome prejudices, frustrated desires and social barriers due to gender stereotypes. “Strength”, “Girls like me”, “Interview”, “Luce e Me” or “Showtime” are examples of this.

One of the most acclaimed documentaries has been “Undeniably Young: Nora Young & the Six-Day Race”, in which Young herself (95 years old) explains, in an entertaining way, how she won so many trophies and broke into the wonderful world of men’s Six-Day cycling races.

We look forward to seeing you at the next sessions! Remember that they are free of charge and reservations are required for both in-person and virtual formats.

Don’t miss a unique festival!