The BCN Sports Film 2024 brings the excitement of sport to 12 venues in Barcelona, Girona and Madrid, all for free!

Do you want to know where you can watch the 25 sessions of the 14th edition of the BCN Sports Film Festival? We explain it to you below…

The countdown has begun and we are getting closer and closer to the fourteenth edition of the BCN Sports Film. This year the festival not only offers a unique film experience, but it does so in 12 iconic locations in Barcelona, Girona and Madrid. Concentrated mostly in Barcelona, the city becomes the epicenter of cinema and sport, merging the magic of the big screen with the excitement of emblematic places.

What are the 12 venues and what sessions will you be able to see in each one?

JOAN ANTONI SAMARANCH OLYMPIC AND SPORTS MUSEUM: A corner steeped in Olympic history opens its doors to sports cinema.

Opening Ceremony: Monday 19 at 19h

On wheels!: Tuesday 20 at 4 p.m.

Adventure in nature: Wednesday 21 at 4 p.m.

With pride: Thursday 22nd at 4pm

The last evening: Thursday 22nd at 5:30 pm

Closing Ceremony: Saturday 24 at 7 p.m.

CINEMES GIRONA: Bustling culture mixes with the excitement of cinema at this iconic Barcelona cinema.

Sprint: Wednesday 21 at 19h

No Limits: Thursday 22nd at 7pm

Unstoppable Minds: Thursday 22nd at 9 pm

Sensations of sport: Friday 23rd at 7pm

The art of sport: Friday 23rd at 9pm

And the winners are…: Sunday 25 at 6pm

INEFC: The home of sport and physical education is transformed into a unique cinematographic stage.

Values at stake: Wednesday 21 at 9am

Values at stake: Wednesday 21 at 11am

And the winners are…: Tuesday 27 at 11am

INSTITUT FRANÇAIS DE BARCELONA: A French touch joins the cinematic experience with sports themes.

L’émotion: Wednesday 21 at 7:30 p.m.

L’équipe: Tuesday 27 at 19:30h

COTXERES DE SANTS CIVIC CENTER: Art and sport converge in this civic center, offering a unique experience.

Xtreme: Tuesday 20 at 19:30h

BON PASTOR CIVIC CENTER: Cinema reaches every corner of the city, including the charming Bon Pastor.

Fusion: Friday 23 at 19h

MUHBA Bon Pastor: A session under the stars in a place that breathes history and culture.

Without VAR: Thursday 22nd at 19h

REIAL CLUB DE TENNIS BARCELONA: The elegance of tennis merges with the magic of cinema in this exclusive venue.

Match point: Thursday 22nd at 17h

BARCELONA CAPITAL NAUTICAL FOUNDATION: The connection between cinema and sea comes to life in this privileged place.

Starboard: Thursday 22 at 18:30h

ATENEU DE SANT JUST DESVERN: The fusion of art and sport is celebrated in this fabulous cultural space.

Let’s disconnect: Friday 23rd at 19h

EUSES – Salt Campus: The sporting energy takes over the university campus in this adrenaline session.

Sport outdoor: Monday 26th at 19:30h

SPANISH OLYMPIC COMMITTEE: A wonderful venue that beats to the rhythm of the Olympic spirit.

Without VAR: Tuesday 20th at 7pm

Get ready to immerse yourself in an unparalleled cinematic experience as the BCN Sports Film 2024 transforms every corner into a stage of excitement and sporting passion!

Remember that all you need to do is make your reservation. All tickets are free! Will you miss the opportunity to get into the sporting spirit?