Pau Albà, winner of the SpotSport 2024 competition with his video “Cinètica de l’Esport”

The Barcelona Olympic Foundation (FBO) is pleased to announce that Pau Albà, a musician and animation video creator, has been awarded the first prize in the SpotSport 2024 competition with his video titled “Cinètica de l’Esport”

The SpotSport 2024 competition, organized by the FBO in collaboration with the newspaper Sport, aims to produce a promotional video that will represent the 14th edition of the BCN Sports Film Festival in its advertising campaign. The initiative seeks to encourage active participation from the public in this exciting sports and film event held annually in Barcelona.

Pau Albà, with his creativity and experience in the musical and animation field, has stood out among the participants and won a cash prize of €1,000. The award will be presented at the opening ceremony of the 14th edition of the BCN Sports Film Festival, scheduled for February 19, 2024.

Albà is a talented musician who has been a percussionist and drummer in various bands in the Catalan scene, having recorded and performed both nationally and internationally. Currently, he is the drummer for groups like Joan Colomo and Les Cruet, and he has been part of notable bands such as Les Sueques, Tokio Sex Destruction, Los Hijos del Trueno, and Unfinished Sympathy. Additionally, his artistic influence comes from his family of puppeteers, and he has collaborated on projects with companies like l’Estaquirot.

Furthermore, he has self-taught himself to develop his own tools in the audiovisual field, merging his scenic and puppetry background with his musical passion. Under his personal project Tanoca, he has created musical compositions and various video projects, experimenting with the music video format and showcasing his works at festivals worldwide. His working technique includes frame-by-frame handcrafted animation, rotoscoping, painting, manual cutting, as well as rhythmic editing and assembly of materials.

With his innovative and creative approach, Pau Albà has proven to be the perfect candidate to represent the 14th edition of the BCN Sports Film Festival with his video “Cinètica del Deporte.”

The Barcelona Olympic Foundation congratulates Pau Albà on his success and thanks all the participants in this new edition of the SpotSport competition.