Great day with the presence of Perico Delgado; Joan Basagañas and Antoni Collantes, mayor and sports councilor, respectively, of the City Council of Sant Just Desvern.

Today, four sessions have been screened in three different venues: Cinemes Girona, Ateneu Sant Just and Centre Cívic Bon Pastor. Sessions full of emotions, learning and art, where attendees were transported through a variety of inspiring cinematic experiences.


The day started with three sessions that were screened at the same time, at 19h. In “Sensations of Sport”, at the Cinemes Girona, viewers enjoyed a selection of films based on stories of struggle, hope and perseverance, exploring the many facets of the world of sport.


At the same time, at the Ateneu Sant Just Desvern, “Let’s disconnect” took place, with short films that connected the audience with nature, beauty and the serenity of the natural environment. The event was attended by Joan Basagañas i Camps, mayor of the City Council of Sant Just Desvern and Antoni Collantes Andreu, sports councilor of the City Council. Also Marc Navarro, director of “Generació ELECTRON”; and Quim Badenes, director of “Bangkok Barcelona a Peu”, enriched the experience by sharing their visions and experiences behind the cameras.


The third session at 19h was held at the Centre Cívic Bon Pastor, which had some very special guests in the “Fusion” session. Perico Delgado, cycling legend, and Pedro Nicanor, director of “Se acabó el verano”, joined the experience to present their production, a short fiction film that follows the story of Julio Jiménez


The day culminated with a very lively session: “The Art of Sport” at the Cinemes Girona at 9pm, where spectators witnessed the fusion between sport and art. Jordi Mestre, the musician of the soundtrack of “Canción Maldita”, has captivated the audience with a special live performance, bringing the emotion from the screen to the stage in an unforgettable experience. Members of the “Skywalker” production team did not want to miss the session either. 


Tomorrow, February 24, the winners of this 14th edition will be announced at the closing ceremony that will take place at 8 p.m. at the Museu Olímpic i de l’Esport Joan Antoni Samaranch. You can follow it through the Fundació Barcelona Olímpica – Museu Olímpic youtube channel or through the Museu Olímpic website!