Masih Sharif’s “Barcelona” wins SpotSport 2022

The Barcelona spot, produced by Masih Sharif, founder of @barcelonashots, an expert in marketing and advertising management and public diplomacy, has won the SpotSport 2022 competition.

Spotsport, a contest that reaches its tenth edition, is organized by the Barcelona Olympic Foundation. It aims to help promote and support talent by producing a twenty-second advertising video for the 12th edition of the BCN Sports Film Festival.

This year’s winner, Masih Sharif, specializes in place branding through film and tourism, with hands-on commitments as a filmmaker, photographer, journalist and tourism diplomat. He is also the founder of @barcelonashots, which helps entrepreneurs in Barcelona to use videos effectively to promote their brands.

The SpotSport jury, made up of members of the Festival organizers, has valued the originality with which he combines sport and cinema, the two pillars of the BCN Sports Film. Barcelona is a lively spot that mixes emblematic monuments of the city with a dose of inclusivity; a production that travels through our streets and transmits the values of our festival: productions by all and for all.

The spot will be the official image of the BCN Sports Film 2022 advertising campaign, which will be held from February 14 to 20, 2022 in 5 venues – Museu Olímpic, Museu Colet, Centre Cívic, el Sortidor, Institut Francés and Cinemes Girona.

We congratulate the winner and would like to thank all the contestants for their interest and participation!

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