Excitement with outdoor sports and the winning productions of the BCN Sports Film Festival 2024

The BCN Sports Film Festival continues its exciting journey with a day dedicated to outdoor sports and a special selection of the winning productions in the session “And the winners are”


On Sunday, February 25, at the Cinemes Girona, the session “And the winners are…” was screened at 6pm. Attendees witnessed the emotion and recognition of five of the eight award-winning productions in the 14th edition of the festival. In this session they could see the winning film, “Karim’s footsteps” directed and produced by Javier Álvaro Palomares; the best Catalan production, “Generació ELECTRON”; the special prize of the Jury, “The Goose”; one of the two special mentions of the jury, “Santorini, el paradís del parkour”; and, finally, the best fiction production, “On the sidelines“. Each film stood out for its cinematographic quality and powerful narrative.


In the “Sport Outdoor” session on Monday, February 26 at EUSES – Salt Campus, viewers experienced the pure adrenaline and intense emotions of the most extreme sports, brought to the big screen with incomparable intensity.


The day offered a selection of films that captured the essence of thrilling outdoor adventures, transporting the audience to remote and exciting places. From the vibrant “Bangkok Barcelona a peu” to the mesmerizing “Costa Brava, Roca Nua”, each short film offered a captivating vision of nature and adventure.


Keep enjoying the excitement of the BCN Sports Film Festival and join us tomorrow for the last sessions to finish exploring the magic of sports cinema! 


You can repeat the session “And the winners are…” at the Institut Nacional d’Educació Física de Catalunya (INEFC) at 11am, or sign up for the session at the Institut Français de Barcelona with the session “L’équipe” at 7.30pm. 


All tickets are free, you just have to book your ticket through this website.